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About Us

Aetna Felt Corporations foot care division has experienced great success in bringing its 85-plus year tradition of top-notch quality and customer service in the felt industry to the foot care industry. Aetna has a full and extensive line of podiatry and retail-type foot care products that are currently being supplied to major podiatric distributors, as well as physicians and hospitals, and for over 25 years we have been one of the major suppliers to the private label and retail markets.

Our foot products are inspected, packaged and shipped from our 93,000 square foot facility in Allentown, PA, guaranteeing consistency in product quality. Aetnas product line includes: 

Comfoot® Brand Products an extensive line of pre-cut pads, rolls, sheets and much more

  • Corn and Bunion Pads
  • Callus and Toe Pads
  • Coverlet Pads
  • Metatarsal and Arch Pads
  • Heel Pads
  • Felt and Foam Variety Packs
  • Straps, Bi-Plan and Ankle Pads
  • Tubular Foam Sleeves and Crest Plugs

Scott® Foot Care Products our house brand of foot care products that are designed with ultimate cushioning, shock absorption and for about any kind of activity

  • Turfliner Insoles
  • Insoles and Inserts
  • Foot Powders
  • Gel Products
  • EVA Pads and Sheets
  • Heel Pads, Cushions, Lifts and Liners
  • Lambs Wool
Retail Podiatry Program bringing the podiatrist recommended pads to the retail markets to better serve consumers
  • Arch Pads
  • Plantar Fascia Straps
  • Callus/Toe Pads
  • Bunion Shields
  • Heel Pads
  • Corn Cushions
  • Tongue of Shoe Pads
  • Metatarsal Pads
  • Turf Toe Straps
  • Ball of Foot Pads

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